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Julian Lage – General Thunder

How good is this?

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Social media is a flawed concept

I enjoyed this critique on the Lunduke Show, which I found via LBRY.

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Types and Jaynes’s ‘Mind Projection Fallacy’

Ed Jaynes frequently criticised what he called the mind projection fallacy. This is the implicit assumption that our concepts of, say, gaussianity, randomness, and so on, reflect properties of to be found “out there in nature”, whereas they often reside … Continue reading

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That’s not what I meant…

A lot of my research over the years has involved fitting images. Usually, I use the traditional assumption that the conditional prior for the data pixels given the model pixels is iid normal with mean zero. But in some cases … Continue reading

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Wasteful products

A relative of mine recently remarked that consumer products involving less waste (that is, less plastic packaging and so on) usually cost more. The same is true when you compare electric cars to petrol cars, and I’m sure you can … Continue reading

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