Faculty positions with us!

Our department is going through a period where lots of our long-time faculty members are reaching retirement age, and we’re currently advertising for some new faculty to join us. The ads can be found at this address.

Currently, there are two openings at lecturer level (~ assistant professor in the US system), which is appropriate for someone who’s just getting/got their PhD or has done one or two postdocs [stats is a bit different from physics, in that some people go straight from PhD to lecturer without doing postdocs]. There is also an opening for a senior lecturer or associate professor, which is more senior (everything except the very top, which is full professor).

If you are good, and think New Zealand is good, please apply! Great things about working here:

  • A large department with lots of lovely people;
  • Quite a few applied folks who collaborate with other disciplines;
  • Auckland is a pretty awesome medium-sized (on a log scale) city which is small enough that you can access NZ outdoor activities easily if you like that, yet big enough that famous people come here.

The only downsides are the remote location and the fairly high cost of living (check out Expatistan to compare).



About Brendon J. Brewer

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Statistics at The University of Auckland. Any opinions expressed here are mine and are not endorsed by my employer.
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